Here’s How You Save Hard Earned Cash

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Do You Like To Save Money?

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Do you stream Netflix, buy airline tickets, or watch premium content videos online? Most of us love to save money, ok, so ALL of us love to save cash or spend it wisely. I bet that you’ll stop reading after I say a word like “VPN” because it scares you, or worries you that it’s too difficult, right?

Here’s the rub, VPN’s aren’t some mythical beast, and are as easy to install and use. If you feel that you don’t need one, or can’t install it because you’re not technical, you’re wrong. Read through our quick points below of ways you can save money using a VPN, then if you are interested, we’ve written a blog entry on how to get and install a FREE VPN.

#1 – Save with Streaming Services

KJONGSys | Tech Blog | Money

Netflix, while available in the US is not as accessible to more distant corners of the world and so are services like Pandora, etc. Additionally, some content on these portals is restricted to a particular region. Companies do it to save themselves from unnecessary load.

If an average US family does not show interest to a particular show while Ukrainians adore it – the show will only be available in Ukraine. If you wish to watch it you will either have to move into a different country or install a VPN.

Play around with the settings by logging from the US, UK and Canada and you will have different sets of featured shows and movies for the price of the original.

#2 – Save with Flight Tickets

KJONGSys | Tech Blog | Money

Checked some flight tickets online once? Congrats. The prices will grow the next time you enter the site. Why does it happen? Because airline companies know the value of time! If you have to make a trip next Wednesday – you won’t have the luxury of skipping because of a few extra dollars are wasted.

That’s why your IP is heavily monitored on every single site and particular prices are raised exponentially with every next visit on site A as well as on other sites of ticket resellers. Confidentiality of VPN will allow you to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year.

Additionally you will have access to different pricing options. Tickets may cost more in the US while less in Germany or Poland. You can set your location to Eastern Europe and voila – flight tickets are 40% less on average.

#3 – Access Time-Sensitive Stuff

KJONGSys | Tech Blog | Money

Do you know that premium content trial that gives you, say 30 seconds of a video while hiding the rest behind the scenes for the eyes of registered users alone? VPN solves that problem as well if only you use it right.

To Recap & Restate

It’s 2017 and everyone knows what a VPN is, right? Just in case – it’s a system used for encryption of your digital trail that ascends all of your online and social media accounts to ninja mode. No digital trail, no cookies, no nothing. Just pure amusement and delight of safe, efficient browsing!

Sadly many still believe that the technology is fairly limited to VPN server software. That’s not entirely true. A lot of applications are freely available for domestic use. You don’t even have to be a rocket scientist to run and benefit from them.

That noted, VPN services are not only easy to install, but they can save quite a few bucks for you! Get in touch with us if you need help ensuring a secure VPN environment, or still need help setting one up. Our JUICE Support Center can do it remotely without having to take your PC anywhere or anyone coming into your home!

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