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Electronics & Hurricanes: What You Should Know

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Safety and shelter are by far the most important aspects of hurricane preparedness—but once you’ve covered these essential bases, do you know how to ensure that your valuable electronics are just as protected? With the ever-present possibility of summer storms and hurricanes, it’s always smart to have basic electrical safety in mind.

Below, take a look at our quick guide for protecting yourself—and your electronics—during hurricane season and beyond.

KJONGSys | Tech Blog | Hurricane

Unplug Essentials During The Hurricane

Whenever you get word of a big thunderstorm or hurricane, it’s always a smart idea to unplug key appliances and machinery such as your computer—after backing up, of course! While many storms may leave your computer unscathed, you don’t want to risk losing your valuable data, files, photos and more due to storm-caused power problems.

KJONGSys | Tech Blog | Hurricane

Stay Away From Power Lines

A key safety tip for those spending any amount of time outdoors following a storm is to stay away from downed power lines—or, in some cases, debris or foliage that could be covering such lines. Even if they are knocked down, you should assume that (and act as if) the lines are active and as dangerous as they normally are.

KJONGSys | Tech Blog | Hurricane

Operate Generators Safely

Generators are a great option for those who desire select appliance use following a big storm—however, the proper use of such generators is essential to you and your family’s safety. Use your generator only in open, outdoor spaces, removed from areas like open windows or doors into your home. And of course, be sure to avoid operating your generator with wet hands or in wet conditions.

KJONGSys | Tech Blog | Hurricane

Stock up on batteries and battery-powered devices

Because you may be without electricity during and following a storm, remember to stock up on batteries and battery-powered devices that will help simplify everyday life until your power is back. Be sure to have a news radio, plenty of flashlights and other helpful tools on hand, as well as the batteries to make them all work. You may also choose to pick up (and, of course, charge) a few portable chargers for your family’s smartphones—they can help you make emergency calls following the storm, even if cell service is down.

KJONGSys | Tech Blog | Hurricane

Back Up Regularly

Backing up your files regularly is always smart—but it’s especially important to back up before a big storm or hurricane, when your computer is at greater risk. Programs that do the backing up for you at regular intervals are helpful, since you don’t need to set aside any extra time to manually do it yourself.

We hope that these safety tips help you, your family or your professional team enjoy peace of mind throughout hurricane season and the rest of the year. If you would like to learn more about disaster preparedness and other safety measures to take, please get in touch and/or give our office a call today—we’re happy to help!

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