We are KJONGSys

Every day we strive to make the world a better place than when we found it. To that end, we help people and businesses Create. Order. GO. with web design, analytics, database programming and technical support. View our values and services page to learn how and why we JUICE. (or what that even means)

Who we are.

Based in Lakeland, Florida (Central Florida), KJONGSys has over 25 years of combined experience and countless hours of community service that we encourage as a firm to deliver back to the communities we serve. Our skills and constant yearning to obtain knowledge of the latest methodologies and technologies makes our firm committed to providing the best possible face forward to your business or project.


Chief Technology Officer keith@kjongsys.com


Designer | Programmer mandy@kjongsys.com


Developer | Programmer tim@kjongsys.com


Social Media aiden@kjongsys.com


Websites are our passion, logos are essential, and print media is still necessary in today's world. We are constantly focused on the technologies of tomorrow, and our design team can work to ensure your company image is carefully crafted and proudly displayed for the world to see.


The internet of yesterday allowed you to take a "Set It And Forget It" mentality when it came to appearing on a Search Engine. Today, it's imperative to keep track of your Search Engine presence, Social Media, and Conversion Rate Optimization. Let us develop a plan to be seen and heard!


PHP, DB2, MongoDB...WHAT?! These aren't just made up words, but actual programming languages that we can help understand and expand or create and develop. If you need an inventory system to a customer satisfaction tracker, we can help develop with the most secure databases. Cloud Hosting or On-Site database services are available.


Our clients receive ongoing support for their websites, analytics, and database services, ALWAYS! We offer additional support services for your home or office needs to help troubleshoot a tricky operating system or application installation. Our Live Chat and Remote PC Support will get you back up and running in a flash!

How we work.

1 We listen and learn about your company's culture, the project, and vision that you have. The consultation process begins with a conference call or video conference to get to know all about you, the requirements gathering, and as always, our consultations are absolutely FREE. By the end of the first meeting, we've got a plan in place.

2 The requirements gathering process will obtain all the content, images, layouts, colors, logos, and everything else necessary to start the creative process. A domain name or project name is acquired and put into motion. We document and save everything as we work, with a clear and open window for you to peek in whenever you want.

3 Our development process is industry standard in tandem with the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC). After narrowing down the details, a review process is completed internally and then presented to you. We work closely with you to smooth out the wrinkles until you're ready to launch into the world wide web! (or just your office)