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How To Identify A Fake SDCard

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An Epidemic of SDCard Fraud

While it’s easy to identify fake smartphones from the software, it’s not as easy with storage cards. Fakes have flooded the market and there are chances you will end up with a fake card not just online but also from your local store.

KJONGSys | Tech Blog | SDCard

The first thing to do is check the official MRP label on the packaging.Genuine products have an MRL label with details including contact information of the company in the country, warranty information, importer month and year as well as contact details of the importer

KJONGSys | Tech Blog | SDCard

You can use a free app called SD Insight from the Play Store to get details about your microSD card. Install the card, run the app and it will show you the brand name, model number, capacity, and manufacturing date of the card. If it shows unknown brand or incorrect capacity, its probably a fake card.

Another way to test the microSD card is by checking data transfer speeds. A free app called A1 SD Bench lets you run speed tests on the card and lets you compare results online to identify differences

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is! A 200GB microSD card for $999? That’s a fake. Know the prices of storage and you can avoid being scammed.

Let our experts at the JUICE Support Center help you identify if your SD Card that you want to purchase is a fake. Get in touch with us today to start securing your purchases.

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